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shifu kung fu panda

[12], The Furious Five were trained by Shifu as his students. Master Shifu is one of the 2 deuteragonists of the Kung Fu Panda franchise. Meatlug | As the master of the Jade Palace, Shifu's abilities could possibly rival those of his own master Oogway, who was considered by many to be the greatest master in kung fu history. She worked hard at her kung fu training to make him proud, and perhaps wished to become the Dragon Warrior herself as a means to do so. However, Po proved to be enthusiastic and determined, even under Shifu's sharp verbal barbs and his constant bumbling, only serving to make Shifu become even more spiteful in the hope that he would discourage Po from staying. B.O.B. Lou | Enemies Guy Diamond | Species Kai absorbs the chi of Monkey and Viper, while separating Tigress and Shifu with a blast of Chi. Kung Fu Panda Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Shifu Master Shifu was seen as a loving father and devoted teacher to a young Tai Lung when the cub first showed up. Shifu admitted this, but pointed out that Po had chosen to stay despite this. Stormfly | Catra | Ton-Ton | Also known as But then he added that he eventually came to realize that it wasn't Po that was the problem, but instead within himself. Toby Domzalski | When Po demanded just how Shifu could actually help him to win against Tai Lung, Shifu was at a loss and quietly retreated without an answer. After Po defeated Shen, he congratulated Po on finding inner peace "at such a young age", which he added sourly. Shifu reading the distress message to Po and the Five. This jealousy carried on into the third film, where he was jealous of Po's mastery of chi, despite the fact that Shifu had attempted to master chi years before Po and had only managed to make a flower blossom, but he humbly asked Po to teach him, once again showing reverence at Po's abilities and switching their position of master and student. Rain | [10] It is presumed that the Five eventually disbanded and went their separate ways some time after Fenghuang turned to evil and fled after failing to defeat Oogway. Shifu didn't know anything about Kai, but after studying the ancient scrolls revealed that Kai was Oogway's brother-in-arms until he discovered how to take Chi and was defeated by Oogway. The Missing Link | Shrek | It wasn't until he had expected to depart from his students one last time that he admitted he was proud of them all, including Tigress, who had especially sought to earn his approval. Shifu | When Po crashed the ceremony by landing in front of Oogway, just as the tortoise raised his hand to point out the Dragon Warrior, Shifu was outraged. Tzipporah | John H. Miller | However, they disagreed on who the Dragon Warrior should be. However, in doing so, Shifu learned that Po had a more profound handicap: He was burdened with a deep self-loathing and considered himself a fat failure. Tim Templeton | Family To stop his former student Tai Lung (first film; succeeded)To defeat Lord Shen to save China (second film; succeeded)To help Po defeat Kai before he steals the Chi of all Kung Fu Masters (third film; succeeded) Kitty Softpaws | Resting all during the ensuing battle that resulted in Po utilizing the legendary Wuxi Finger Hold on Tai Lung, Shifu was mistaken by Po to be dying, but he had merely found peace after confronting his greatest mistakes. As he helps his goose father Mr. Ping in his noodle restaurant, Po is unable to pursue his dream of becoming a kung fu master himself. PingLi ShanTai Lung (formerly) Kung Fu Panda’s Master Oogway is overflowing with a life’s worth of knowledge and wisdom. He then stated that his time had come, and that Shifu would have to continue without him. Oscar | He is the current senior master of the Jade Palace and trainer of many kung fu warriors, including Po (the Dragon Warrior), the Furious Five, and Tai Lung. Male $14.49 + $4.45 shipping . Thunk Crood | Monkey | Kowalski | When he allowed himself to come to that realization after Po had defeated Tai Lung, he was able to "harness the flow of the universe" and achieve inner peace. He would stay behind and hold off Tai Lung long enough to make sure that everyone would be safe, even though he knew that the price would cost him his own life. However, Shifu becomes unbalanced at seeing Oogway's chi pendant around Kai's neck and, as a result, his hit fails to hurt Kai directly, causing Shifu to fall to the ground. Bitter of heart, Shifu left Tai Lung under the watchful eye of Commander Vachir and the Anvil of Heaven, and would not to see Tai Lung again until a full two decades later. Vanessa Bloome | Shocked, Shifu argued that Po's arrival was all an accident, but Oogway replied, "There are no accidents. They even went so far as to confront Tai Lung together, only to be defeated. The news instantly set them in an uproar, making Tigress and the other Five leave the palace to try and stop Tai Lung on their own while Shifu attempted to stop a panicking Po from leaving. General Warren R. Monger | However, once he overstayed his welcome and caused all sorts of chaos about the Palace, he declared to Po that the old goose must instead take up residence at a boarding house in the Valley. Realizing that the key to teaching Po was through proper motivation (food), he proceeded to take Po to the Wu Dan Mountains and lifted the giant panda's spirits by simply asserting he had faith in him for the attempt. Queen Tuya | Although highly doubted as such, the giant panda proved himself worthy as a formidable warrior in unexpected ways. Acting as the announcer on the day of the tournament, Shifu introduced each member of the Furious Five to the crowds that gathered to view the event, unaware that the time of the choosing would be interrupted by the presence of a portly panda named Po, a noodle maker's son who had accidentally been shut out of the tournament and was looking for any means to get inside the arena to watch. In one episode, he was seen playing with the action figures of his kung fu hero and had also asked Po to teach him how to loosen up in another episode. Series Brooklynn | Oogway, however, encouraged Shifu that Po could defeat Tai Lung if he would believe in him. Blue | Charlie | [15] As her new master, and possibly the only person unafraid of her and who hadn't regarded her as a monster, she was always eager to please him. Harold Hutchins | This is seen when he rebuked the Furious Five to be "doing well if they were trying to disappoint him" when they failed to defeat him in a training session earlier in the first film. Barry B. Benson | New Universal Studios Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda 7" Shifu Snuggles Plush. Verne | Finally, it paid off, and young Tigress learned the control she needed to safely interact with the other orphans. Tulio | Draal the Deadly | Ugga Crood | Clothing Shifu saw Po climb up onto a piece of floating timber and face Shen's fleet, seemingly trying to sacrifice himself to save his friends. Witnessing the panda's potential and determination however, Shifu eventually came to believe in him, successfully teaching Po the skills needed for him to ultimately save the Valley of Peace. Weaver | MeditatingTraining his pupils Shifu watching Po get hurt in the Training Hall. Shifu promised that he would try, and sensing his time had come, Oogway handed Shifu his staff before he ascended into the Heavens. Tiny Diamond | Fowler | Zadra | 00. Once Po was finished with the bandits, Shifu began to explain to him the myriad of responsibilities and instructions involved with the Winter Feast at the Jade Palace. By using slow tai chi movements, Shifu took a small water drop that dripped from one of the cave's stalactites and carefully moved it onto the leaf of a nearby plant without breaking the droplet. Gobber | When he allowed himself to come to that realization after Po had defeated Tai Lung, he was able to "harness the flow of the universe" and achieve inner peace. Varvatos Vex | Lady Tottington | Eye color He shared with Po that he had learned it through pain and suffering, which he said he endured from the events with Tai Lung and Oogway's selection of Po as the Dragon Warrior, calling it "the worse day of [his] life." E. Aster Bunnymund | Mr. Toilette Ree | Kung Fu Panda 3: Li Shan, To stop his former student Tai Lung (first film; succeeded), Shifu destroy Zhou Deng Soul Gem from Mei-ling, Shifu with his voice actor Dustin Hoffman. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Much to Mr Ping's dismay, Shifu encourages Po to go. By the time they returned to the Jade Palace, Shifu believed that Po was ready to receive the Dragon Scroll, and used his name instead of calling him "panda" when addressing him. Douxie Casperan | He is a red panda after all. In Kung Fu Panda Holiday, Shifu wears a silver shawl with faint snowflake designs laced into it. Kai soon arrives at the Jade Palace, with the Jade Zombies of Crane and Mantis, which horrifies Shifu. Opens image gallery. New Universal Studios Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda 7" BRANCH Snuggles Plush. Doris the Ugly Stepsister | Claire Nuñez | Shifu shows Po the chi technique, in which he made a flower bloom. The two now continue to sustain a good friendship, with only the occasional quarrel, and Po has also come to consider Shifu as being part of his family.[8]. Stefano | Kung Fu Panda Heroes | Eep Crood | $14.50. Fur color Everest | Inner peace...'[16]. There is content missing from this section. Shifu came by Mr. Ping's Noodle Shop to inform Po that he would be hosting the Winter Feast at the Jade Palace, much to his delight. But Po then told him he had a great teacher. Excusing the two Furious Five members, he assigned Po the task of repaving the ceiling the panda had broken to get in. Just as he and Po were about to begin practicing the lesson, Tigress arrived with news of the Musician Village being raided by wolves. Oogway took this as a sign from the universe and named Po the Dragon Warrior. Hookfang | Realizing that the key to teaching Po was through proper motivation (food), he proceeded to take Po to the Wu Dan Mountains and lifted the panda's spirits by simply asserting he had faith in him for the attempt. Mr. Peabody | Though small, Shifu is a powerhouse, exerting maximum force with minimal effort, exemplified by his signature move, the Wuxi Finger Hold, which overpowers an opponent with the touch of a finger. In alarm, Shifu sent a messenger goose by the name of Zeng to Commander Vachir, with a letter ordering double security in hopes of preventing the vision from coming true. One night, Tigress escaped from the room and innocently approached the children in an attempt to play. New (4) from $59.99 + FREE Shipping. Bucky, Spike and Quillo | | Shifu blocks Kai's weapons and appears to be winning against Kai, to the point of landing on the chain holding them and running at Kai. Though he could understand wanting to spend a holiday with his father, Shifu reminded Po that he still had his duties as the Dragon Warrior. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends, - "Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Characters: Shifu", Kung Fu Panda Official Site - Master Shifu, Unwilling to make the same mistake he made with Tai Lung, he became distant and closed off to his students, driving them with vigorous training inside the newly-revamped Training Hall—the most challenging training hall ever designed so far. Cured of his illness by Oogway, Shifu set to work helping Tigress develop her own style of Kung fu, welcoming the other four as pupils as well and becoming the Furious Five. Penny Peterson | It was two days into the test, and the distraught Shifu desperately meditated for inner peace.

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